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Shama Viola

Shama Viola

(Manuela Terraluna)

After 33 years dedicated to art, spirituality, and teaching conscious awareness in the United States, Shama returned to her native Italy in 2001, to become a citizen of the Federation of Damanhur and fully participate in this advanced social and spiritual adventure.

Fascinated and inspired by the Damanhurian Sacred Language, Shama created the Bral Talej Divination Cards – a new divination system where the Damanhurian symbols and meanings find a uniquely powerful and beautiful expression.

Shama is one of Damanhur's Ambassadors and an appreciated instructor. She travels throughout Italy, Europe, Japan, and the United States to present and teach her divination method, as well as other esoteric Damanhurian workshops. Gifted with natural intuition and warmth, Shama shares her gifts in group events, workshops, and individual readings. Each year, Shama returns to the Oracle Campus to teach and inspire.