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Oracle Teams with and Bill McKibben

A group of residents gathered at The Oracle Institute on Sunday, April 21, to take part in Earth Night, a national event that organized over 1000 screenings and house-parties to premier a new climate change documentary called "Do The Math." The documentary follows Bill McKibben, an environmental author and the founder of the international climate campaign, on the 21-city tour that helped spark a new fossil fuel divestment campaign that is sweeping the nation.

Over the course of the film, McKibben explains how the fossil fuel industry is planning on burning enough coal, oil, and gas to release five times more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than scientists say is safe. He urges audiences to take part in a new fossil fuel divestment campaign, modeled on the anti-apartheid divestment campaigns of the 1980s, and continue to fight destructive fossil fuel projects like the Keystone XL pipeline, for which has amassed one million signatures in protest.

The film also features author Naomi Klein, climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, Rep. Henry Waxman, green jobs visionary Majora Carter, environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Nobel Peace Prize Winner Desmond Tutu, and other climate and progressive leaders.

Since started the “Do The Math” tour, more than 300 colleges and universities have joined the divestment campaign. In addition, local governments are starting to divest holding in oil companies, which earn the most revenue of any corporations in history.

Oracle was honored to host the event, which brought attendees from both Virginia and North Carolina. Bill McKibben also contributed an essay to the second book in the Oracle foundational trilogy - The Love: Of the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm.