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Oracle Attends the Parliament of the World's Religions

Oracle Executive Director Laura George and Interfaith Coordinator Katie Kennedy had the privilege of attending the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions recently. Major speakers included Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. Karen Armstrong, Chief Lookinghorse of the Sioux Nation, Dr. Vendana Shiva, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Indigenous Grandmother Rose Pere of New Zealand, Dr. Eboo Patel, and Marianne Williamson - who brought the house down with her demand that women be included at the top ranks of religion and government.

Notably, Goodall and Armstrong agreed that the largest challenge facing humanity is global warming. They also criticized mainstream media for blaming the world's religions for the crises caused by our heating planet: lack of water, desertification, and poverty. The truth is that under extreme stress people will break along religious lines BUT religion is not to blame for the current chaos. Rather, the wars and hate speech we are witnessing are due to lack of natural resources caused by earth changes.

Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall Speaks on Climate Change
Jane Goodall
Katie With Polynesian Dancers
Jane Goodall
Katie and Laura in the Desert Near Salt lake City
Jane Goodall
Laura Communes With Female Catholic Priests
Jane Goodall
Tibetan Sand Mandela
Jane Goodall
Laura at Sikh Temple

Oracle encourages all people of faith to accept personal responsibility for healing our planet. Oracle also wishes to underscore the message of ALL the speakers at the conference: We cannot heal Mother Earth until we heal the Sacred Feminine.

Oracle Launches the "Peace Pentagon Network" - The First "HUB" on the Wheel of Co-Creation!

Recently, Barbara Marx Hubbard and other luminaries visited the Oracle Campus and endorsed the Peace Pentagon, dubbing it "the first 'HUB' on the Wheel of Co-Creation." This is an honor we now wish to share with YOU as we officially launch Oracle's new Peace Pentagon HUB networking site, which will be a venue for scanning, mapping, and connecting emergent projects and people at the cutting edge of the Building the New World movement.

To celebrate and christen Oracle's latest venture, we are offering YOU free on-line access to the main presentations from the Building the New World conference, which took place at Radford University in May 2015 ("BTNW"). Simply visit Peace Pentagon HUB, select a Sector on the Wheel of Co-Creation, and there you will find videos of the featured speaker(s) in that Sector:

Wheel of Co-Creation
Wheel of Co-Creation
  • Learning & Education
  • Communications & Media
  • Art & Culture
  • Economics & Business
  • Peacebuilding & Relations
  • Justice & Governance
  • Health & Wellness
  • Food, Water & Environment
  • Infrastructure & Resources
  • Science & Technology
  • Spirituality & Religion

Oracle director Laura George Presents at BTNW

We hope the BTNW videos inspire YOU to help co-create the New World! And if you wish to co-create the HUB in Virginia - by offering database management help, Drupal website assistance, multi-media expertise, journalism/blogging within one of the eleven Sectors, or cross-sector coordination within the Wheel and around the world - or if you have questions about Oracle's HUB, please contact

Oracle Institute Press Wins 4th Book Award!

Divine Attunement: Music as Path to Wisdom, by Yuval Ron

divine Attunement

Oracle Press is pleased to announce that its latest release - Divine Attunement - won the Indie Book Awards GOLD MEDAL in the Spirituality category. Known internationally as the "Peace Musician," author Yuval Ron is an award-winning composer and dedicated peace activist. Among his many achievements, Mr. Ron has produced more than 20 CD's and over 100 musical compositions, including the score for the Oscar-winning musical West Bank Story.

Learn more about Oracle Press by watching a video which highlights our award-winning publications! And watch this Divine Attunement trailer to hear original music from Yuval Ron.

Oracle Launches the "Valley of Light"

A NEW Micro-Community Located on the Oracle Campus

This year, Oracle launched the "Valley of Light" micro-community on its 22 acre campus along the New River in Independence, Virginia. We seek resident members who resonate with the Oracle Mission and who possess the skills and financial resources required to build an educational micro-community with these goals: sustainability; spirituality (multi-faith); completion of the Peace Pentagon; creation of a networking HUB to build the New World, and FUN! If this sounds intriguing and inspiring to you, then please contact

And VISIT the Valley of Light in 2015!

Oracle Manifests "Oracle Temple"

A Multi-Faith Church in the Valley of Light

Oracle Guest House

Oracle also has formed the Oracle Temple - the "heart" of the Valley of Light community. Events at this esoteric church are open to the public when publicized below in the School and Temple section of the Oracle Updates. If you have questions about Oracle Temple, please contact

Visit the NEW Oracle Guest House

A Bed & Breakfast along the Banks of the New River

Oracle Guest House

To accommodate the many visitors we are receiving in the Valley of Light and at Oracle events, we have established the Oracle Guest House. Enjoy a night, a weekend, or rent the entire cottage, then hike the Blue Ridge Mountains, hear “Old Time” music, and kayak the New River. Guests receive a free tour of the Oracle Campus and a lodging discount if attending an Oracle event. To book a stay at the Oracle Guest House, please go to our new website below or contact