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Help Grow the Oracle Mission

Rockin' at the Pentagon

People who attend an Oracle event, read an Oracle Press book, stay at our Guest House or campground, or tour the Peace Pentagon usually fall in love with our campus and our progressive and pluralistic vision.

So we are delighted when people ask: How can I help grow the Oracle Mission?

This page provides ideas on how you can help:

  • You can volunteer on-site at Oracle Campus and join us for a work day
  • You can volunteer remotely, and
  • You can help us financially by becoming an Oracle Supporter

Volunteer Option 1: Help on-site at Oracle Campus

Oracle Events: Help clean before or after events. Act as a greeter at our events. Help prepare food and serve meals. Join our School Committee.

Oracle Campus Projects: Help maintain our garden and landscaping. Help Jay Hurley with off-campus construction. Design your own special project to enhance our campus!

Valley of Light Community: Join us on “VOL Sunday” to help with chores and enjoy a group meal. Take responsibility for an area of the campus (e.g.: Turtle Island Labyrinth).

Jay Giving Us a Sign

Volunteer Option 2: Help Remotely from Home

Medicine Wheel

Oracle Institute Promotion: Invite friends to sign up for Oracle Updates. Invite friends to attend our events. Help us fund raise! Follow and share content at Oracle social media sites:

Peace Pentagon HUB Promotion: Invite friends to become a Member of the HUB. Post at the Peace Pentagon HUB in your favorite Sector of Society. Follow and share content at HUB social media sites:

Valley of Light Community: Invite friends to become a Resident or Non-Resident Member of the Valley of Light. Follow and share content at our VOL social media sites:

Volunteer Option 3: Become a Financial Supporter


Ready to join the Oracle Mission?

If so, we invite you to contact Laura George at Thank you for offering your heartfelt assistance. Together, we can build a new world based on compassion, cooperation, and a culture of peace!